21 jumpstreet is a very good and interesting movie to watch. It's a comedy so it's really funny but it's a little inapropiate. The movie first starts with two kids in highschool one named schmidt and he's a loser. The other kid is Jenko and he's the popular kids that bullys schmidt.

They growup and both at the same time apply to be a cop and they decide to become best friends. They get the job except they are park duty police officers. They get called to 21 jump street where they get a new job. They have to go back to highschool and find find whos making a drug that's killing people. They have special idenities that they mess up the first day of school they get them. So now they have to go to classes and activities that don't match there intrests.

They finally find a supplier of the drug and the supplier makes Schimdt and Jenko take the drug and they start feeling very weird and do very weird stuff. They get home from school and they come up with a good idea and they throw a giant party hoping the drug suplier that he'll bring the guy thatd makes the drugs. Jenko and his smart friends out a hearing device on the drug supliers phone.

The next day Jenko calls Schmidt and they meet up in the halls of the school and they look for the guys that make the drugs. They find them and chase them. they end up getting away but Schmidt and Jenko find out the suplier and the people that make the drugs are meeting up at prom. On prom they find them and have a shoot out and Schmidt and Jenko win the shoot out and go back to 21 jumpstreet. Thats the end of the movie.